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    [Hard Quest] Path of Damnation Finale


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    [Hard Quest] Path of Damnation Finale Empty [Hard Quest] Path of Damnation Finale

    Post by Pan on Tue Apr 26 2016, 09:21

    Hard Quest

    Requirement: Must have completed Path of Damnation Part 3.

    Reward: 3,500 zeni, +25 Villain Points, and the benefit Aura of the Damned.

    Your damnation is done, but that hole is still missing. Something ain’t right. You don’t feel evil enough. How else do you feel evil? You’ve proven you’re diabolical, greedy and tyrannical. Ah and there’s another one that we are missing. Though you are already evil as you can be, the feeling of being more evil is enticing. There are a whole slew of evil deeds. Necromancy, sadism, masochism... master all of these, and you will be given wonderful item.

    Aura of the Dammned - With this benefit, when you defeat someone of neutral or good alignment in battle and you kill them, you gain an extra +5 Villain Points. Increases strength by +5% in combat.

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