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    [Medium Quest] Heaven’s Challenge


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    [Medium Quest] Heaven’s Challenge Empty [Medium Quest] Heaven’s Challenge

    Post by Pan on Tue Apr 26 2016, 13:04

    Medium Quest

    Requirement: Must be in Heaven.

    Reward: 1,000 zeni, 10 Hero Points, and a Heaven's Grace.

    Ah, Heaven. What a peaceful place. You’re allowed to train here without any worry about dying, and things just seem to keep getting better. It’s a peaceful utopia, but you haven’t quite explored every nook and cranny yet. You stumble across a beautiful waterfall, straight out of the greatest works of fiction. Once inside, you see a large stone door, immaculately carved, with a warning in what you assume is every language in the universe. Searching, you finally find the language of Earth, and it says, “You who enter here, be prepared to test your very soul.” When you finally enter, your confronted by a being of grace and beauty who challenges you to a sparring match to test both your power and your purity of heart. If you are found worthy, the being promises that you will be given a reward fitting only the most pure of warriors.

    Heaven's Grace - Arms - A pair of ornately woven gloves worn by a both wise and powerful being. Increases agility and ki by +600 in combat. Boosts XP gained by +5.

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