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    [Medium Quest] Hell’s Challenge


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    [Medium Quest] Hell’s Challenge Empty [Medium Quest] Hell’s Challenge

    Post by Pan on Tue Apr 26 2016, 13:05

    Medium Quest

    Requirement: Must be in Hell.

    Reward: 2,000 zeni and +10 Villain Points, and a Hell's Wrath.

    Hell, a blasted, desolate wasteland of everlasting chaos. Evil reigns and you are able to fight against the greatest evils of the past to build your own strength in preparation for your return to the world of the living. Isn’t death just grand? While exploring during your downtime, you come across a ravine hiding an ancient demon of great power. It charges at you without warning and forces you to fight it to the bitter end, claiming that it will not let you have its precious treasure. Can you survive against one of the great ancients that have existed in Hell since the dawn of time?

    Hell's Wrath - Arms - A pair of gloves made from the hide of a demon and imbued with dark energy. Increases strength and ki by +600 in combat. Boosts XP gained by +5.

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