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    [Easy Quest] Temptation


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    [Easy Quest] Temptation Empty [Easy Quest] Temptation

    Post by Pan on Tue Apr 26 2016, 13:06

    Easy Quest

    Requirement: Must be in the Heaven.

    Reward: 1,000 zeni.

    In life, you were a kind soul, one who was eager to battle not for selfish reasons like profit, but for the sport of fighting itself. You've always felt a constant urge to become stronger. Thus, when a Kai asks you to join him for training, you're very tempted to come along. However, something seems different about him. Maybe it's the eyes, maybe it's his outfit. Maybe it's the fact he's asking you in person. The only condition he has is that you must follow his every order without question. Little do you know, he's a Makaio, bent on dragging you back to hell with him for training -- in the form of torture. If you can't see through his ruse, he'll drag you back to hell with him. If you can, you have no choice but to fight a god

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