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    [Medium Quest] Overlord


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    [Medium Quest] Overlord Empty [Medium Quest] Overlord

    Post by Pan on Tue Apr 26 2016, 13:10

    Medium Quest

    Requirement: Must have completed Temptation.

    Reward: 2,000 zeni and +15 Villain Points.

    Before you went to Hell, you thought you were the top dog. You've been proven wrong thrice since then. First by whatever killed you, second by the Makaioshin in charge of your eternal suffering, and third by some new guy who's intent on running this joint. He's an eccentric man, a master of magic who came to his position of power in Hell by manipulating others and beating down any opposition. He's been put in charge of your part of the fiery pits. However, the Makaioshin are worried, worried that one day, he could usurp their rightful place of rulers of Hell. However, they prefer not to dirty their hands with a mere mortal, as it would make them seem weak. You are their chosen champion. Drive this other evil doer off his throne.

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