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    [Hard Quest] Climbing the Ranks


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    [Hard Quest] Climbing the Ranks Empty [Hard Quest] Climbing the Ranks

    Post by Pan on Thu Apr 28 2016, 15:20

    Hard Quest

    Requirement: Second-Class Saiyan, must have completed two Second-Class quests.

    Reward: 3,500 zeni and a a First-Class Commendation

    It’s time for war, Saiyan. Some alien warships are encroaching in our territory, and it’s time we teach them a lesson. You’ve been chosen by King Vegeta to get into space. You’ll be leading our best war ships to drive them back. Make us proud.

    First-Class Commendation - You are considered the rank of First-Class Saiyan. This allows you embark upon advanced Saiyan Army quests.

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