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    [Hard Quest] Beware, Invaders!


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    [Hard Quest] Beware, Invaders! Empty [Hard Quest] Beware, Invaders!

    Post by Pan on Thu Apr 28 2016, 15:25

    Hard Quest

    Requirement: First-Class Saiyan

    Reward: 1,500 zeni and a Saiyan Commander Armor.

    I can’t believe it... Somehow, some rogue PTO deserters have broken past our defenses and landed on our home turf. Lead our defenses, and drive the cowards off of our planet. This will be the last time that those inferior aliens mess with our race.

    Saiyan Commander Armor - Chest - Armor worn by the Commanders of the Saiyan Army. Increases endurance by +2,500.

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