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    [Easy Quest] That's Racist


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    [Easy Quest] That's Racist Empty [Easy Quest] That's Racist

    Post by Pan on Thu Apr 28 2016, 15:34

    Easy Quest

    Requirement: Must not have Saiyan blood.

    Reward: 1,000 zeni

    As an outsider, you are naturally shunned by the Saiyan race. Your people are not as well-known for their military prowess, if they even have any, and it causes the Saiyan people to despise you. However, you know better than that -- you are a warrior at heart. You must prove to them that you and your entire race are not to be ignored by the egotistical Saiyans. But how to do so? When a street gang of Saiyans decides they've had enough of you, they decide it's time to set things straight and show that you don't belong here. It's your task to put them in their place.

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