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    [Easy Quest] Tuffle Tech


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    [Easy Quest] Tuffle Tech Empty [Easy Quest] Tuffle Tech

    Post by Pan on Thu Apr 28 2016, 15:41

    Easy Quest

    Requirement: Must have searched for the Tuffle Combat Skin.

    Reward: 1,000 zeni

    When the Saiyans went to war with the Tuffles, for supremacy of Planet Vegeta, it was a brutal endeavor. The Saiyans had their brute strength, while the Tuffles relied on superior technology. However, in the end that was not enough. Before the end, some Tuffle scientists were working on a prototype combat armor that would help turn the tide of the war. They never got to finish it, but the armor is said to be kept within a bunker beneath a ruined Tuffle city. The vault is nearly impenetrable, despite your best attacks. Hack your way in past the still running security computer,or beat some nerd into doing it for you.

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