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    Site Poll - Do you wanty our stats hidden yes or no?



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    Site Poll - Do you wanty our stats hidden yes or no?

    Post by Admin on Mon May 02 2016, 17:49

    Pan and I have been discussing hiding your stats, basically what we would do is create a roster so that only you can see your private information. Your Power Level would still be displayed, but your battle potential would not be.

    This allows us to - Make Ki Suppression more than just a battle mechanic, while also making it harder for players to Meta, and figure out whether they can take on anyone or not.

    I enjoy the uncertainty, it means that you can't just go around attacking people that you know you can beat, and you have to play things more tactfully. On the other hand, it also means it's harder for you to enjoy 'the game' aspect, since you won't know where you stack up against people.

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