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    Post by Gohan on Mon May 23 2016, 16:49

    Just putting all my opinion here.
    1. I feel like the ACP can be a lot simpler, you already have that thing where going past will be counted in the next rp, so why not just make it 1000/acp and everything will just cost 1. I do understand what you are going for with that, but in my opinion it is just a lot easier.
    2. Abilities: I know this might be a lot of work for you, but organizing abilities instead of damage rating, but the type of attack will be a lot easier to find the ability a player want.
    3. Invest isn't very clear in how it works, every week I spend 5 ACP to earn 10 zeni if I just started? How does adding more zeni into investing work? Would we need a post for investing? If so, where would it go?
    4. Might be just me being blind, but there isn't anywhere that states how to get a degree.
    5. Where do we get a spaceship from?
    6. I think some of the things in character sheet should be in full word instead of abbreviation
    7. Roleplaying Guide and Activities can be combined, specifically talking about types of roleplay in roleplaying guide.
    8. "Join Forum" should be called something like join guideline, as it might cause confusion, and also "join forum" should be linked to how to play as well.
    9. >Locations >Other World >Special Rules: "You can spar, but cannot battle while Other World"

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