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    Blood On Your Hands


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    Blood On Your Hands Empty Blood On Your Hands

    Post by Admin on Tue Jul 05 2016, 18:08

    Blood on Your Hands

    Easy Quest

    Requirement: None

    Reward: 1,000 zeni

    So, you want to become a Gladiator? Like I haven’t heard that one before. It takes hard work, dedication, and guts. Do you have these? Fine. Go to the Colosseum and sign up. You’ll be outfitted in some basic armor and weapons. Welcome to hell, new blood. You may be ranked with us as a Gladiator, but you’re the lowest of the low. The hosts would like to see how you fare against your first matches. Luckily for you, your opponents will only be peons. Get out there and show them what you’ve got!

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