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    Joining as Pan


    Joining as Pan Empty Joining as Pan

    Post by Guest on Sat Apr 16 2016, 03:07

    Character Name:Pan

    Starting Location: Earth


    You can distribute 450 points into the attributes below.

    Strength: 75
    Agility: 112
    Ki: 151
    Endurance: 112

    You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Masenko

    How did you find this site? Google

    Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?]

    Roleplay Sample (250 words):

    Pan was on her hands and knees bent over on the floor. She looked like a small puppy, panting and wheezing as her face cooled from the sweat dripping from her face. Her body was exhausted but ever ounce of pain she felt was worth it. She had finally finished a lifetime of work, at least for her it felt like a lifetime of work. She had just completed her final test in martial arts. Her black belt sat on a table to her left, as fresh a belt as she had ever seen. Her grandfather, Hercule, sat on a throne like chair at the end of the dojo, observing her. Her sensei, stood in front of her, looking down with a stern but gentle expression on his face. He had trained her for the past nine years, indeed he had watched her grow from a small child to the fierce young woman she was now.

    With her training complete, she would be able to join the Earth Special Forces. All her life she wanted to join the elite force which safeguard her planet from threats beyond what normal people could handle. She was anything but normal. Her face was human, in fact every part of her looked like an ordinary sixteen year old girl. However, in her veins flowed the blood of a warrior race known as the Saiyans. She was part Saiyan, and the call to battle screamed from her inside, inching to be unleashed. She wanted the fierce thrill of combat. With her black belt training complete, she was ready to begin her real training.

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    Joining as Pan Empty Re: Joining as Pan

    Post by Pan on Mon Apr 18 2016, 07:29

    Not Approved - who the hell wants to play a 12 year old girl?

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