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    Join Sheet: Tank. (Custom Namek)


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    Post by Tank on Tue Apr 19 2016, 13:25

    Name: Tank

    Location: Earth (Originally from Namek)


    Strength: 75
    Ki: 75
    Agility: 75
    Endurance: 225

    TP: Defense Stance (-50 TP)

    How did you find this site: Referral from Mike and Patrick.

    RP Sample:  

    Tank stepped off the transport shuttle to Earth.

    His eyes narrowed as people stepped off the shuttle with him, carefully making their way to the shuttle port.

    Some more rapidly than others...

    A few people pushed past the Namekian traveler rather rudely.

    Tank sighed and turned his attention towards his contact on Earth.

    By that point in the galactic history, there was already a lot of trade and commerce between the worlds.

    Tank was just a byproduct of the commerce between the various known worlds.

    His masters deemed it worthy for Tank to travel to other worlds and integrate his harsh training regimen with the experience of meeting other races.

    Tank wore the traditional attire of a Namek apprentice, carefully adjusting himself to prepare for where he was, and his new situation.

    As he studied the environment around him, his eyes narrowed to thin slits.

    His chest rose up and down with each breath he took.  He was exhausted from the long trip, but had the tenacity to endure.  His eyes searched for the contact his masters had told him about.  There was a small school, a dojo of Hume and other races, martial artists they were called...who sought to enlighten themselves.  Through the ways of the warrior, the ways of combat and warfare.  Tank spotted an older Hume wearing the familiar combat garb of a fighter.  The Hume was staring directly at Tank and kept his eyes studious, almost curious.  Tank acknowledged the older man and made his way towards him.

    "Greetings.  Are you Representative Breggan?"  Tank asked of the stranger who immediately reacted.

    "Of course, young Namek."  Breggan said calmly.  Breggan looked carefully at the Namek.  "You're a lot sturdier than the others I've seen of your kind...you'll fit in right away in the Master's dojo."

    "I hear times are dangerous on this world too...'tis a common occurrence  on many worlds.  My masters saw fit to send me here to ensure that The Darkness does not spread..."  Tank said quietly as they walked.

    Breggan looked at the Namek as they talked.  "Your Masters were right to send you to us...we need all the help we can get."  

    Tank carefully listened to everything he was told.  But as a Namek, he knew that the truth was not often surface words.  Sometimes, things were hidden between the words, covered in honey.  The Namek learned a great deal from his first few moments spoken with Breggan.  There were other matters to consider, but, Tank had time.  He knew that there was adequate time to prepare.

    Breggan paused for a moment, and Tank paused as well.  "Hey.  Namek, welcome home by the way."

    "I intend to be here for a long time..."  Tank said in response.  "By the way, my name's Tank."

    Breggan nodded.  "They call me Breggan.  I look forward to working with you.  Our transport is that one..."

    And so it began with humble origins...as all great stories do.

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    Post by Pan on Tue Apr 19 2016, 16:02

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