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    Joining as Buu


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    Joining as Buu

    Post by Buu on Wed Apr 20 2016, 00:40

    Character Name: Buu

    Starting Location: Mr. Satan's House on Earth


    You can distribute 450 points below.

    Strength: 75
    Ki: 150
    Agility: 75
    Endurance: 150

    You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Don't Know Yet

    How did you find this site? Super Kami Guru

    Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?] See also ^

    Roleplay Sample (250 words):

    Buu sits impatiently waiting for his sixth meal of the morning. Having been taken in by Mr. Satan (Hercule) he spends most of his time eating, and playing with the house puppy.
    Recently Buu overheard one of the Z fighters complaining that there was no one left to train with. Buu responded, "Why you want train?". The Z fighter thought about it and said,
    "I guess I just miss the old days when we were all able to give each other a good fight. Now a days no one can keep up with Goku, and I just feel so useless when something happens."

    Buu, temporarily distracted from his appetite, opined, "You could train with Buu! Hercule use Buu for punching!"
    This moved the Z fighter toward an expression of unease, "Uh, I'm not sure-" "TRAIN WITH BUU NOW!"

    Buu stood up from the table and pointed his fluffy white gloved finger at the fighter and said, "You always complain! You no fun! You train with Buu! That fun!"
    Buu grabbed the Z fighter and dragged him to Hercule's training room. "You hit Buu! You hit Buu till bell ring! Like Hercule!" **Ding** The first bell rang.
    The Z fighter punched and kicked, Buu stood still allowing the fighter to warm up and get some much needed cardio.

    "Now Buu turn!" The Z fighter grew pale.
    "Now Buu hit back!" a single jab from Buu to the chest of the fighter flung the fighter through a punching bag hanging on the other side of the room.
    At this, Buu remembered the joy of battle and decided he too would be ready for the next threat that came to Earth.

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    Re: Joining as Buu

    Post by Pan on Wed Apr 20 2016, 09:25


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