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    Character Name: Aya Kitsune

    Starting Location: Earth

    Race: Half-Saiyan


    You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 attribute points (AP) you may distribute among them.

    Strength: 70
    Ki: 170
    Agility: 80
    Endurance: 80

    You start with 50 technique points (TP). What abilities will you start with? Cosmic Canon

    How did you find this site? Patrick and Mike

    Were you referred to this site, if so, who referred you?]

    Roleplay Sample (250 words):
    A soft tune exited her lips as she frolicked through the garden. One by one, her hands brushed against the fragile petals of the flowers that lined the path. At the end was a clearing. A large bed of grass with a lonely flower. She ran to it and squatted down, her simple white dress gently laying on the grass.
    “Worry not. You are no longer alone,” she said to it, a smile that could thaw a glacier on her face.
    She looked up as a large elk walked into the clearing. He watched her cautiously, though she made no movements. Only watched him as he fed on some of the vegetation. As she waited, he inched closer, until he was right next to her. His head lowered allowing her to run her hands through his fur. The antlers were small, making him a young male.
    The next day, she returned, and he was there waiting. Lying next to the flower. She approached cautiously and bent down, petting his stomach. He didn’t move, only let her.
    “My name is Aya,” she said with the same smile as the day before. “I’m not from here, though it is now my home.”
    Each day she went to the garden, and each day the flower and the elk were waiting. She told them stories of her life in the village, and her and her brother’s escape from being sacrificed, and the journey to Alesia. They listened, never growing tired of them.
    Aya yawned and stretched out her hands. The sky was a little cloudier than it has been, but it was to be expected since autumn was starting. She rolled over to look at the Elk. A spot she had never seen before had shown up on his neck. Shrugging, she decided not to make a big deal about it.
    “It feels nice being out here. My brother has started acting strange. I hope he will be alright.”
    A couple days passed. Aya crouched over the flower. One of its petals were black. She looked up at the elk. The black spot was gone, which was a relief. She smiled, though the warmth wasn’t there. Not like before. The elk cocked his head as if trying to figure out what changed.
    “I worry about my brother. The man that took us in is very kind, yet my brother insists that he’s not. Maybe I should be with him more. Since we were separated at the river, we’ve been spending less and less time. This isn’t normal for us.”
    The clouds got darker after a couple days. When Aya came to visit, she was struggling. The state of the flower and the Elk only made things worse. The flower had gone from a white, to almost completely black. Only the inner petals remained white. The elk had several black spots on him. The one on his neck returned and grew to cover the entire left side of his neck.
    The elk looked at her, worry on hiss face. She smiled, though it was fake. “It will be ok.” She said those words, yet she didn’t believe them. Her brother had been getting worse. She rubbed her face where he had hit her. She just wanted to hug him, but he accused her of losing her mind.
    The next day, the elk arrived, slowly walking. Limping as if he had an injury. He spotted Aya and slowly walked over. She sobbed next to the flower. It had turned all black. He laid down next to her, nuzzling the back of her neck.
    She felt him, and the sobbing stopped. She didn’t want to face him. She didn’t want to face the world. She wanted to die. “I’m sorry. Things have changed so much since we got here. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I should have offered myself to him.” She held her stomach. It hurt so much. “Please. I want to go back to the way things were. Please.”
    The elk’s eyes opened. Aya was gone. The flower was laying down, petals wilted. The rain pelted it. It was cold. The elk looked at his leg. His fur was all black. He felt weak. He laid his head back down and watched the path for his friend. His only friend, for the elk was the last of its kind. He knew if he stayed, he would share the same fate as the flower, though it was better than being out in the forest where no animal lives. The forest that now belonged to the demons.
    A laughter echoed through the garden. The elk opened his eyes slowly to see flowers and petals flying up in the air. “Things are better!” Aya skipped down the pathway, yanking flowers out of the ground, and pealing the petals off.
    She caught site of the elk and smiled, though it wasn’t the smile of the little girl it knew. It wasn’t warm. It was empty, menacing. He didn’t move.
    Aya ran up and crouched down, her elegant black dress flowing around her. Her hand touched the black fur of the elk and lightly caressed it. He was scared, but too weak to move.
    “Now now. Everything is ok.” Her hand went up to his eye. “No. Don’t look at me like that brother!” Her thumb dug into the elk’s eye socket, and in a swift skilled motion, scooped it out. “How dare you abandon me!” Her hands ripped into the elk, spilling his blood, and letting his soul leave his body.
    She collapsed on the corpse, sobbing. “Why did you leave? Why did you abandon me? Why did you call me the mad one?”

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