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    [Hard Quest] Standing on the Shoulders of a Titan


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    [Hard Quest] Standing on the Shoulders of a Titan

    Post by Pan on Fri Apr 22 2016, 10:46

    Hard Quest

    Prerequisite: Must have completed Android Guardians.

    Reward: 3,500 zeni

    Upon reaching the inner sanctum of the scientist's hideout, you come to discover that he has set an automated system to turn himself into a cyborg, a special type of human/android hybrid. Upon learning of this, you are caught unaware by another handful of Android henchmen, designed to prevent anyone from interrupting the process. By the time you start fighting these henchmen, you learn that you had arrived too late, and the scientist steps out of his surgery as a fully realized Android. You must destroy him and detonate the lab in order to prevent this misuse of science from ever occurring again!

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