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    [Hard Quest] Blood of a Demon


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    [Hard Quest] Blood of a Demon Empty [Hard Quest] Blood of a Demon

    Post by Pan on Mon Apr 25 2016, 12:16

    Hard Quest

    Requirement: Must have completed The Crane Hermit Finale.

    Reward: 1,500 zeni and Demon's Blood.

    Master Shen has come to you with a secret of dark power. He tells you of an ancient and insidious demon that was sealed inside of a cave deep below an active volcano in the south seas. He said that if you were to defeat the demon and take a vial of its volatile blood, you could drink it and gain immense power. Are you up for the challenge?

    Demon's Blood - Drinking the blood of the demon you slew will give you a portion of its legendary power. It will give you a permanent +250 to strength and ki and allow you to start each battle with a bonus +10 rage.

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