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    [Hard Quest] The True Staff


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    [Hard Quest] The True Staff Empty [Hard Quest] The True Staff

    Post by Pan on Mon Apr 25 2016, 12:18

    Hard Quest

    Requirement: Must have completed The Legendary Staff.

    Reward: 1,500 zeni and the artifact Power Pole.

    So, the Power Pole you claimed from the martial artist is a fake--a replica made by Capsule Corporation. It can only extend so far and upon testing it's powers, you've broken it. Just as you are feeling like you want to give up on the artifact, an old man in a fox mask appears, wielding the pole. He hands you a staff and challenges you to a duel. You soon find the Power Pole has great advantages. Land a blow on him and you might find he is not a man, but a spirit--and if you're good enough the Power Pole may become yours.

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