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    [Hard Quest] Full Moon Panic!


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    [Hard Quest] Full Moon Panic! Empty [Hard Quest] Full Moon Panic!

    Post by Pan on Thu Apr 28 2016, 15:38

    Hard Quest

    Requirement: Must not have Saiyan blood.

    Reward: 3,500 zeni

    Planet Vegeta has rarely been a target for terrorism, as the locals are some of the most feared people throughout the galaxy. However, a group of Xeno extremists decide they've had enough of Saiyans on their high horses, causes havoc on the planet by setting up an artificial moon, turning civilians against each other. You attempt to destroy it, but there's a forcefield around it. Meanwhile, the terrorists have set up a base just outside the planet's atmosphere, and you're informed that the shield generators are housed up there. As you can't turn into an Oozaru and can easily fit inside one of their space pods, you might be their only chance for salvation... or destruction. Should you succeed, the King himself will commend your valiant efforts, despite your lack of Saiyan blood. But the terrorists are well-armed and speak words of reason -- and profit. They attempt to strike a bargain with you. Back off, and they'll pay quite the handsome sum

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